Bob Cannard grew up working in the family nursery business, he has since developed the natural process approach to agriculture that's used at Green String Farm. He has long been an important member and teacher of the sustainable food and beyond organic movement in Northern California. He has also been helping Fred Cline of Cline Cellars, his business partner, manage his vineyards using sustainable and natural farming practices. 

 Cannard says, “50% for nature, 50% for people, half of crops are for human consumption and half for soil improvement”.  What some people consider weeds are found all over Green String Farm.  Green String farming methods reduce soil erosion, pesticide dependency, and loss of biodiversity; and increases resistance to natural predators. Some examples include; compost teas as soil supplements; and natural, pesticide-free methods for controlling competing plants and weeds.


“Let the plant tell you how it is feeling by looking at its color, posture, smell and flavor. Plants tell us everything about their health if we pay attention. If the plant has a life of choice, the flavor of the broccoli, for example, will be ethereal, you will be able to taste the nutritional value.